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Conditions and Terms of Use

Visitors to and uses of
- the website "http://www.iris-media.com" and
- the embedded ISSN 1860-2967 ("DayByDay") "http://www.iris-media.info"
should make themselves aware of the following ’Conditions and Terms of Use’.

By visiting the site, users are accepting the following ’Conditions and Terms of Use’, which apply under German Law.

- The Publisher [In German: "V.i.S.d.P."] responsible for the contents under § 6 MDStV of the German legal code is: Wolf Siegert Ph.D. (subsequently referred to as: "the Author").

’The Author’ accepts no responsibility for the accuracy, or completeness of information on the website, nor that it is ’up to date’, or free from errors, even when the information has been presented intentionally. The Author accepts no liability for damages, or consequential losses of any kind, deriving from the use, or non-use of the website, or the information it contains, either in whole, or in part. Claims arising from the use of incomplete, or inaccurate information are specifically excluded, in particular with respect to claims of negligence.

All offers, functions and services are freely presented and are non-binding.

The Author retains the right to alter, amend and transform the site at any time, including the text of articles and documents contained or attached to the site and gives no guarantee that access to articles, or information will be available on either an indefinate, or continuing basis.

These terms and conditions apply now and henceforth and are binding for the earlier versions of the IRIS Media website as well.

- Our thanks to:

* Concept: Michael Ley

* Databank design: Klaus Meier

* Databank / Research: Dr. Frank Eckart

* Html-Programming: Natsumi Komatsu

* IRIS®-Logo: Jack Norman Mohr

* Planning + Web Design + Maintenance: Petra Dirksen

* "Empowered by": AKG-images , Milonic and Macromedia Deutschland

* Assistance: Marian Bichler, John Clark, Karin Hafen, Petra Immerz, Arne Johannsen, Jens Kuhlmann, Frank Kunkel, Norbert Maaßen, Christiane-P. Renner, Kate Salafia, Flora Siegert, and many others.

- Trade Marks

All Trademarks, Logos und Named Servies are the property of IRIS® Media, or third parties. It is forbidden to download, copy, distribute, or otherwise make use of these without our expressed permission in writing. It is also forbidden to incorporate this material in databanks of third parties, or to distribute them in any form, particularly for commercial use, without the written permission of the copyright holder.

Copyright © for published material, commissioned by the Author, including ’objects’, media and multimedia presentations and graphics is the sole proporty of the Author: Wolf Siegert Ph.D.

The use of any material from the website in electronic, or printed publications, including Graphics, Sound recordings, Video Sequences and text, is specifially forbidden without the permission of the Author. These restrictions also apply to the name and registered trademark ’IRIS®’.

- Editorial

To the best of his knowledge and abilities, the Author will seek to respect the copyright of third parties with respect to graphics, Audio documents, Video sequences and text, including material commissioned or created by the Author and the use of cost free licenced material.

In particular with respect to graphics and trademarks, where copyrights claimed by third parties are not clearly identified, especially within web pages on the internet, the Author accepts no financial or other responsibility for any infringements which may from time to time occur in error. Any corrections and alterations to the site with respect to unwitting copyright infringements will be implemented within a reasonable time on application to the Editors by the copyright holder.

- Liabilities

The liabilities and exclusion to liabilities set out here form part of the ’Terms and Conditions’ for use of the websites "http://www.iris-media.com" and "http://www.iris-media.info". These websites were developed and maintained to the best of our knowledge and abilities. Nevertheless, we accept no responsiblity for errors and mistakes that may from time to time occur and accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the information it contains.

Equally, we take no responsibility for the use of this website and its entire contents and material, together with any information derived from it, by third parties, in any form, or circumstance.

The Author retains the right to amend, add to and remove information on the website at any time, without notice, either now, or in the future.

All liabilities are excluded in circumstance where damages, or consequential losses arise as a consequence of information on the website. Accusations of negligence, or malice must be proven.

We give no guarantee for the effectiveness of external links from the website, nor do we accept any liability for the contents and accuracy of such sites. All responsbilities and obligations lie with the owners of external sites and none with the Author.

Insofar as parts or sections of the formulations of this text are no longer, or not fully in accordance with legal formulations and regulations, as they may arise or be revised from time to time, the terms conditions set out here will apply.

- Hyperlinks

At the moment, when links to external sites are created from the website, we take reasonable steps to assure that the they contain no recognisably illegal information or contents. Following the decision of the regional court in Hamburg (Landgerichts Hamburg, May 12,1998), we distance ourselves from the content of every site which can be accessed directly, or indirectly via the url "IRIS-Media.com". It particular this applies to linked sites, where the contents are changed following the creation of the link.

- Data Protection.

All personal information submitted to us as a result of using the "IRIS-Media.com" and "IRIS-Media.info" websites will be protected in accordance with legal requirements for the ’protection of data’ under German Law.

Any further use of such data will only be made with the agreement of the individual. Anyone wishing to amend, or withdraw their agreement should contact IRIS® Media in writing, either by email at "contact@iris-media.com", by post, or by Fax +49 30 46200666.

Insofar as business information is submitted via the site, (name, adress, email etc), so the site user submits such information voluntarily and relinquishes any restrictions on its use by ’IRIS®-Media’ and its associates. Within reason, ’IRIS®-Media’ will attempt to exclude any misleading information which is submitted, for example, under a pseudonym, or anonymously.

The use of infomation gathered within the framework of the website’s use, for example contact information, addresses, phone and fax numbers, by third parties will not be permitted. Legal steps will be taken against any individual, or organisation seeking to breach this confidentiality by the use of so-called ’Spam-mails’, robot agents, or other devices.

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