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Before Dr. Wolf Siegert became director of IRIS® Media in 1987,
he excelled in three independent careers:
- as an expert in theatre and film,
- as a lecturer and visiting professor in Europe and East Asia,
- as a journalist and TV producer, responsible for launching new cable and satellite programmes.

Foto © Walter M. Rammler

On his way to achieving his first career, he was taught by extroverted personalities such as Rainer Werner Fassbinder, and introverted writers and directors such as George Tabori. The foundations for his second career were laid, while at university, where he studied subjects that he had previously produced on stage; however, he learned the most when he started lecturing. His third career has been facilitated by radio, television and film-studios, where he has now become one of the pioneers of programming strategies for the new electronic and digital channels.

He has therefore accomplished at least three things: he realised his early ambitions to stimulate ideas and to test them in an sociocultural context on stage; he realised his ambition for radical research by achieving honours with two state exams and a PhD.; and he successfully changed the world, at least as far as the German broadcasting and the European telecommunication scenarios are concerned!

Twenty years ago he was one of the first to promote the change of paradigms from film to video.

In the 80s he continued these kinds of activities by building up the first cable-TV-networks in France and Germany. In 1989 he started the first interactive broadcasting program for German TV.

In the 90s he transformed “number crunchers” into multi-media-machines and twisted wire telephone cables into digital networks: on behalf of all the European Telco’s. Since 1989 he has been directly involved with the PTO’s both in France and Germany, for example by assisting and promoting the implementation of multimedia pilot applications. His ambition to run multimedia applications on an internationally standardised, public network in Europe has become reality with the introduction of the EURO-ISDN standard at the end of 1993, promoted in the press by IRIS® Media.

Since founding IRIS® Media he was hired as a "new media" reader and writer as well as an IT- consultant because of his professional experience and broad range of knowledge in England, France, the United States and Germany, including the new "German Länder". With his long experience in these areas, he has become a proven multimedia communications expert. He is well acquainted with high potential technologies, especially in the field of computing and networking, whilst still keeping a firm base in the traditions of the arts and sciences.

Dr. Siegert is a member of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), as well as the German Deutscher Journalisten Verband (DJV); teaching since 1974, he joined the Gewerkschaft Erziehung und Wissenschaft (GEW). In the early 90s Dr. Siegert was appointed member of the European Union DG XIII ISDN User Forum, EIUF, Steering Committee. Further nominations included those by the Blenheim Group for membership on the NetWorld Advisory Board for 2 years and by the Springer Verlag to join the Board of the German MultiMedia Congress for 3 years. In 1997 he became co-founder of the EIUF Ltd. and one of its directors. In 2003 he was nominated one of the first European members of the Digital Cinema Society (DCS). Since 2004 he is editor in chief of "DaybyDay" ISSN 1860-2967. He is as well one of the founding members of the European VISION Consultancy Group and the VisionConsult GmbH as well as the founder of the Vision Media Group and IRIS® Technologies GmbH.

Today he is working for some of the major players in the European film-, television- and telecommunications-industry developing and promoting mid and long-range strategies for the digital era (D-Cinema, DVB-T, Mobile Multi-Media, Games & Virtual Worlds). As they say: "As a ’changineer’ his career track has been that of a hybrid character with a PCM-type-performance!"

Any recreational time? Yes: for his family. And: he enjoys music and fine wines, swimming and cycling. Empowered by his highflying ambitions he topped his motorcycle licence by a French ULM-licence and enjoys flying microlight planes.